Service Center


The After Market services we provide include a wide range of activities, such as: revision, modernization, delivery of spare parts as well as the repair of buffers and pulling devices. As a result of our many years of experience, Axtone can offer these services while assuming full responsibility for the delivered devices and provided services.

All inspected and repaired parts are returned with a certificate of conformity.

We offer the following services:

  • Revision of elastomer buffers for freight and passenger cars and locomotives;
  • Modernization of old buffers into elastomer ones;
  • Repair of elastomer buffers by replacing old housing with a new one;
  • Regeneration of shock absorber cartridges;
  • Revision or modernization of draw gear;

Service Center – General Information

  • Employment

12 employees working on one shift

  • Monthly capacity pcs

Buffers refurbishment line –900 buffers / monthly

  • Refurbishment process

Whole buffer refurbishment process under one roof

  • Comprehensive service

We overhaul all buffer types including  our competitors’ products

Axtone adjusted hall on heating plant area. That location give the possibility to focus only on buffers refurbishment and offers possible space to develop this business in future.

Hall was renovated and equipped with necessary machines. That gives the possibility to run whole process under one roof from input to output.

Service Center – how we work

Currently every single buffer passes trough refurbishment process.

Process includes:

  • static diagram measuring,
  • disassembling,
  • parts washing,
  • quality inspection,
  • shot blasting,
  • housing repairing,
  • assembling,
  • painting,
  • packaging and storage.